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Tattoo Colour Removal

A safe and highly effective Tattoo Removal Treatment

  • 1 hour
  • From 149 British pounds
  • Holborn

Service Description

Why choose this treatment? Li-FT® is an all-natural, safe yet effective saline based Tatoo Removal solution that contains no chemicals or acids. This treatment is ideal for individuals who want to remove unwanted pigment. How does it work? Li-FT® Saline Tattoo removal Solution is inserted into the area of the unwanted permanent makeup, microblading or body tattoo procedure by using conventional tattoo methods (a machine operated needle). When Li-FT® is soaked into the skin, the natural effect of Osmosis begins to take place. Li-FT® is a hypertonic solution, which contains a higher amount of salt than the body contains, which enacts the process of Osmosis by moving the pigment upward to the outer surface of the skin. Pigment is then removed by the skins natural healing process. On average, it takes approximately 3 sessions for a complete removal (depending on a number of factors). Each removal session takes no more than 30mins. Clients may choose to numb the area to be treated before the treatment commences. What are the ingredients of the solution? In addition to the salt, both lemon seed and orange seed extract are present for their powerful fading and exfoliation properties. Aloe Barbadensis and Calendula Extract is present to ensure good healing. Li-FT® remains one of the most gentle tattoo removal treatment services.

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