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Permanent Makeup Gallery

Welcome to the Alivia K Wood photo Gallery. Here, you will see before and after pictures and videos for Microblading and other Permanent Makeup treatments such as Powder Brows, Lip Blush and Permanent Eyeliner. 

We Pride ourselves in providing a clean, safe and welcoming environment where our clients can walk out from the treatment with a new found confidence. 

Permanent Makeup

Alivia K Wood are the go to experts for all Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments.


We offer a range of Digital Machine created treatments such as Powder or Ombre brows, Lip Blush or Lip Neutralisation and Permanent Eyeliner.   

Eyes and Brows

Coming Soon

Permanent Makeup Microblading 

Our Microblading services are highly popular with both our Male and Female Clients. 

We offer a range of Microblading techniques to create various effects from fluffy brows to super natural hair strokes. 

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